1. Following the locals around to the only bakery in town for fresh bread/pastries before they run out. (at Majorca)


  2. Lovely sunrise this morning. Gonna be another hot day me thinks (at Mancor de la Vall)


  3. Hot & squinty Majorcan selfies with the Mothership.


  4. Lazy days (at Mancor de la Vall)


  5. I think this will do us just nicely for the week. Lovely Villa in sunny Majorca hanging out with Jodes and the Pask parentals. (at Mancor de la Vall)


  6. A gorgeous orchid left over from my shoot yesterday. So much beauty in nature.


  7. Yummy homemade brunch. #indulgent


  8. Spotted this random gent yesterday as we were walking around the Bank area finding pockets of light for my shoot. One of those moments that you wished you had a decent camera with you to do it justice, in this case I did.


  9. Base camp for today’s shoot. (at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel)


  10. Ha!! @jenbalcombe looking so pleased to be working with me yesterday. #LightTest