1. One of my fave Polaroids I took recently of @flackcaroline Styling by @rachelhollandland and of course her partner in crime @gemfloss on MU & hair duties.


  2. So nice to be able to fling the doors open to the garden. Loving this weather.


  3. Late lunch at the Parlour. Yum! (at Parlour)


  4. I’ve definitely had worse locations for a shoot. (at Sant Pau)


  5. Hola Barcelona! (at Meliá Barcelona Sarrià)


  6. A light test with @caleb_vandenberg looking very serious


  7. ohhhkat:

    Philly Phil

    (Source: jesusshuttlesworth)


  8. Who would have thought a tree root could crack a concrete slab. And subsequently ruin my lovely tiled entry. This was my day… fixing this 😡


  9. On my way to a shoot in a cab and who do I spy in the @addisonlee ‘add lib’ magazine, but @miss_cakehead doing her thing from one of my shoots a while back.


  10. Tate modern… You handsome devil. (at Tate Modern)